Max Baer

Clown Prince of Boxing

World Heavy Weight Champion 1934-1935


Max Baer stands out from the crowd because he had what many believe was the hardest right hand ever and also because he was the consummate showman.


Born as Maximilian Adelbert Baer on 11 February 1909 in Omaha Nebraska his family moved to California when he was a child. It was working on his father's farm that he developed the power that helped to make his name as a boxer.


Baer's right hand had killed a boxer named Frankie Campbell in San Franscisco in 1930, and there are those who suggest that Baer always held something back after that fight. others maintain that if he had put as much effort into his boxing has he had into clowning around he would have dominated the sport for years.


Despite his clowning around Baer became a contender and after his fight with Schmeling in 1933 people began to take him seriously. Schmeling was an ex champion when he fought Baer but his technique was helping him to dominate the fight, by the eighth round it looked like Schmeling would win that is until Baer's manager said lose this and it's back to the farm time, this had the desired effect and Baer tore into Schmeling soon the ref was stopping the fight. Baer had won.


Loves the Crowds


12 months later and Baer was challenging Primo Carnera for the world title, he still adopted his casual and light hearted approach while he spent 11 rounds demolishing Carnera putting the italian down 11 times in 11 rounds. He took time out during the fight to flirt with his adoring female fans.


Baer was a gift from the gods for boxing he was charismatic, popular with women even the men found it hard to dislike him, unfortunately he loved to play around and instead of concentrating on his boxing he would be out on the town.


Eventually he had to defend his title and he picked an opponent who would cause him no problems the unfancied James J Braddock, Braddock was such a bad boxer that he had to claim unemployment relief. The fight was held at Long Island on 13 June 1935. Braddock prepared well Baer did his usual and the result was totally unexpected Braddock the man who couldn't win beat the man who couldn't lose.


World Heavy Weight Champion 1934 to 1935 won 72 52 KO's lost 11 died 21 November 1959

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