Rocky Marciano

The Greatest Fighter of all Time

World Heavy Weight Champion 1952-1956

A fighting machine, a no holds barred marauder and probably the most resilient fighter of all time. The stats tell it all 49 fights 49 wins 43 inside the distance.


Rocky was small for an heavyweight only 5ft 10 1/4inches weighing 189lbs he was world champ from 1952 to 1956.

Rocky was the only fighter to have an 100% record, although there is a rumour that early in his career he was defeated but his manager had it erased from the books. Who cares this man was fomidable.


Born as Rocco Francis Marchegiano in Brockton Massachusetts on 1 September 1923, he was good at many sports but having won some bouts while stationed in England in the Second World War he opted for Boxing. After his discharge from the services he wrote to Madison Square Gardenhoping to be taken on as a pro.


Al Weill who eventually became his manager was sure of only one thing this man wouldn't make a boxer he was too small, he lacked technique and his reach was woeful. However Rocky slowly changed his mind he had unbelievable stamina, durability and his punch was explosive.


Nurse Maided


Once Rocky turned pro Weill made sure that he was nursed through his early fights, wanting to keep his records intact and also to buy Rocky time while the trainers worked on his technique.


A major breakthrough came for Rocky when he was pitched in against former Champion Joe Louis, Rocky took everything Joe had and then Knocked him out in the eighth round. Soon Rocky was beating allcomers top contenders has beens he beat them all, soon there was talk of a great white hope.


Soon he was being pitched against the Champion Jersey Joe Walcott who confidently predicted that Marciano can't fight, if I don't win take my name out of the record books he said.


Philadelphia was where they met on 23 September 1952 it was a bruisers fight Rocky went down in every round, Marciano was like a juggernaut he just kept coming taking all of Walcotts best punches, by the 13th round Walcott had the fight won on points but has we have seen in the past points don't count on a knockout and in the 13th Rocky hit Walcott with his affectionately named Suzy Q a right handed hammer blow, by the time Walcott moved again the referee had long stopped counting and the world had a new champion.


A rematch soon followed but the result was the same only this time Walcott went down in one, then came Starza, Ezzard Charles had two bruising encounters with Rocky but failed to dent the champion.


Then came Don Cockell an Englishman and some say this was Marciano's dirtiest fight he hit Cockell with his head elbows, he hit him low hit him when he was down, the result was inevitable, Rocky's final fight was against Archie Moore it was a great fight to finish on and he retired undefeated.


Several years after his death a computer matched Marciano against the greatest fighters Ali, Dempsey and Louis in his prime the result was the same Marciano was undefeated.

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