English Premiership

The Beautiful Game - Soccer

The Beautiful Game - Soccer

English Premiership - Soccer commonly known as The Beautiful Game, or Association Football to give it it's correct title.

Began in it's modern form in the UK in the Mid 1800's culminating in the English Premiership today probably the best league in the World! Click on any team name to be taken to their page.

Season 2009/10 was Chelsea's pipping Manchester United by beating the Red's at home. Season 2010/11 was Chelsea's then somehow they lost the plot and Man United took over, just when you thought it couldn't change anymore Chelsea lost their way all they had to do was beat United at Old Trafford but unfortunately for Chelsea United were in imperious form and stole the advantage once again.

United went on to finish the league 9 points clear of Chelsea. 2011/12 Man City led all the way destroying all in their path then somehow they lost the plot big time and Man United took the lead and you couldn't see how they could lose it when somehow they lost to teams you couldn't expect and before you knew it Man City were back on top with Man United dead in the water if this was a film they would be walking the Green Mile now with one game left would you bet against City. Well that was a long time ago in football terms and Manchester United swept into an early lead in the 2012/13 season and held out to win by a country mile costing Mancini his job and Fergie retired to end and era in premiership football.

Probably the biggest upset in World Football was the magnificent run that Leicester City went on to win the English Premiership by a country mile. Even harden fans were willing the underdog on in the end and finally the big four's grip on the title was ended giving hope to all teams.

That's the beauty of the English Premier League you really can't predict the winner with Arsenal on the rise and making some good cost effective buys,

Premiership Teams

Season 2016/2017 sees big spending by all teams with Manchester United topping the big spending league by paying a world record fee for Paul Pogba a player they let go for £800,000 several years before. Chelsea are crowned Champions after an hard fought season, Spurs were runners up and qualify for the Champions League, Manchester City and Liverpool also qualify as do Manchester United by virtue of winning the Europa League.

  • Arsenal
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  • Chelsea Champions
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