Soccer Facts

Trivia and Then Some

First Club to Become a Limited Company

Soccer or football however you want to call it, is like most sports full of strange facts and information. So if your downright nosey and want to know all that useless information we have some of it here for you.

In an age of professional football and talk of money rules did you know that the first club to become a limited company was Small Heath in 1888 better known today as Birmingham City they initially changed names to Birmingham in 1905 and the city was added in 1945.

Most international appearances for a british player has to be Bobby Moore's 108 caps collected in an international career that lasted from 1962 to 1973.

Gerry Daly can always make his own claim to fame in that when he was transferred from Manchester United to Derby County in 1977 for the outlandish fee of £160000, he became the first irishman to be sold for a six figure fee.

Shinguards - did you know that Sam Widdowson of Nottingham Forest is credited with the introduction of shinguards in 1874, Notts Forest also lay claim to introducing the referee's whistle in 1878 not satisfied with this they also introduced the cross bar instead of tape and oval section goal post.

Goal nets believe it or not were quite a long time in coming and it took a Rugby player J Brodie who gave the idea to Bob Lythgoe a former Liverpool goalkeeper, Brodie was talked into patenting the idea and Bolton were the first club to trial the nets although only at one end strangely it was a game against Notts Forest on New Years Day 1891. It still took some time before nets were used by all clubs due to the FA wanting a fair price eventually they settled on a figure of £3, 12s 6d

International Honours Terry Venables was the first player to win international honours for England at five levels Schoolboy, youth, amateur, U23 and full.


Injuries Billy Bly of Hull used to be viewed as Soccer's most injured player of all time, but he has been rivalled by Denis Smith of Stoke City, Denis had the misfortune of having five broken legs, his nose was broken four times, a cracked ankle, broken collar bone, chipped spine, most of his fingers and toes were broken and over 100 stitches at various times, Not one broken metatarsal though, back to Billy Bly he suffered 13 breaks to hands feet, legs and ribs.

Now most people know that floodlit football arrived in the UK during the 1950's however did you know that the first football game played under floodlights was at Bramhall Lane, Sheffield on 14 October 1878.

Some Soccer Milestones - 1848 Cambridge University draw up the first rules, 1855 The oldest known soccer club Sheffield were founded, 1862 Notts County the oldest football league club were founded, 1865 Tape to be stretched across the goals 8 ft from the ground, 1867 Queens Park the oldest Scottish Club founded, 1871 start of the FA Cup, goalkeepers first mentioned in rules, 1872 First official International between Scotland and England at Glasgow, Wanderers win the FA Cup & Corner kicks introduced. 1873 Scottish FA formed start of the Scottish Cup, 1876 FA of Wales formed, 1879 first international between England and Wales, Cliftonville the oldest Irish Club formed. 1880 Irish FA formed start of the Irish Cup. 1888 Football League formed, 1889 Preston North End achieve the first League and Cup Double.