Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds the Origins

Greyhound racing was invented for betting anyone who has been to a dog track can't help but place a bet it's that kind of sport. You will find most of the English bookies will take your money.  Originating from Hare Coursing the first simulated race took place at Hendon in 1876, but it didn't prove too popular.

It took an American Owen Smith who built the first oval track in Salt Lake City and he introduced the artificial hare.

Belle Vue Manchester saw the reintroduction into the UK of this sport the year was 1926 and very soon tracks were opening all over the UK, extremely popular with working class men due to the urban venues, evening opening and on course betting. It was also the opportunity it to gave to working class men to own their own racing animal.

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Rules and Other Facts

Obviously a racing sport in which a number of greyhounds usually 6 chase a lure in the form of an artificial hare around a oval or circular track over a set distance usually less than 1/2 a mile.

The first dog to cross the winning line is the winner and betting is the main aim of the sport

The most famous dog of all time is without doubt Mick the Miller an Irish Greyhound born in 1926 and bred by a parish priest, he won the very first race he was entered into and went onto win 61 of 81 starts including the Greyhound Derby in successive years.  He went onto to become a movie star.

Most prestigious event the Greyhound Derby now run at Wimbledon over 480m the first winner was Entry Badge in 1927