Snooker a short guide

Snooker can be played by two opponents, pairs or teams, usually it is played as a one on one game. Fifteen red balls, six coloured and one white make up the snooker set.

The object of the game is to score points by pocketing balls and to force your opponent to give points away through ‘snookers’ the player with the highest score when every ball has been cleared from the table is the winner

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Snooker is played on a standard size pocket billiard table.

The game starts with a break which involves playing the cue ball (white) from within the D at the bottom end of the table and striking any red ball placed in a triangle shape at the top of the table. if the player pots a red they get one point they continue the break by attempting to pot any non red ball, they must nominate this ball should it be potted the value of that ball is added to their score and that non red ball is replaced on the table in it’s original starting position. This continues until either every ball is potted or the player fails to pot a ball. or a foul stroke is made. Once his break is ended his opponent gets to play he must play the white ball from the position it ends up on the table, should his opponent pot the white (foul) it must be played from within the D.

Once all the red balls are potted the coloured balls must be potted in strict order the order is yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and finally black once potted they are not replaced.

Scoring red ball one point, yellow ball two points, green three, brown four, blue five, pink six, black seven. A snooker is when a ball that the player is not allowed to play obstructs the ball that is ‘on’ the player must attempt their shot, and will be penalised for missing the ‘on’ ball. If they are snookered by a foul stroke they may play any ball the nominate

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